4.英语成语故事 要短一点的 四年级水平 不许抄别人的 包括百度里的



       Peaches and Plums Do Not Have to Talk, Yet the World Beats a Path to Them--Natural Attraction(桃李不言,下自成蹊)

        Duing the Western Han Dynasty(206 B.C.- A.D.24)Period, there was a very famous general whose name was Li Guang. He was very brave and skillful in battle, and had fought more than seventy battles with the Huns, an ancient nationality in China.Having made brilliant achievements in war, he was deeply loved and esteemed by the officers and men as well as the common people. However,he did not claim credit for himself and become arrogant,although he held a high post,commanding a big army,and had rendered outstanding service in defending the county. He was not only polite and amiable, but also shared weal and woe with the soldiers. He always had the troops under his commandat heart,and whenever gifts were bestowed to him by the imperial government,he distributed the gifts to his officers and men. When marching, he endured the torments of hunger and thirst as the soldiers did when food and water were in short supply. When fighting, he charged at the head of his men,and ,when he gave the order,every soldier advanced bravely to engage in fighting,not fearing death.

        When the sad news of the heath of General Li Guang reached the militaty camp,the officers and men of the whole army wept bitterly.






        An official of the ancient State of Chu awarded a pot of wine to his men after the ceremony of Spring Sacrifice. One man said, “We have only one pot of wine. It's not enough for all of us but sufficient for one. Let's determine who'll have the wine by drawing a snake on the ground. He who finishes first will have the wine.”

        The others agreed. Very soon, one man finished his snake. He was about to drink the wine when he saw the others were still busy drawing. He said complacently,“How slowly you are! I still have enough time to add feet to my snke.” But before he finished the feet, another man finished his snke and grabbed the pot from him, saying,“Whoever has seen a snake with feet? Yours is not a snke. So the wine should be mine!” He drank the wine. The man adding the feet to the snake had to give in and could only regret his foolishness.

        楚国有一个官员,在春天祭过了祖宗之后,便将一壶酒赏给他的办事人员喝。有人提议:“我们只有一壶酒,肯定不够我们大家喝的,一个人喝倒是绰绰有余。我们每人在地上画一条蛇,谁画得最快,就把这壶酒给他。” 大家都同意了。

        有一个人很快就把蛇画好了。他正打算喝这壶酒时,看见别人都还忙着画呢。他就得意扬扬地说:“你们画得好慢呀,等我再画上几只脚吧!” 他的蛇脚还没画完,另一个人已经把蛇画好了。那人把酒壶夺了过去说:“有谁见过长脚的蛇?你画的不是蛇,这壶酒应该是我的了。”说罢,就喝起酒来。那个给蛇画脚的人没办法,只能懊悔自己的愚蠢。


        In the Warring States Period, Duke Wei of Qi neglected state affairs, for the first three years of his reign, giving himself over to dissipation. One of his ministers, Chun Yukun who had a good sense of humour, said to him: 'There is a big bird which has neither taken wing nor sung for three years.' The duke answered, 'Once that bird starts to fly and sing, it will astonish the world.' The duke thereupon devoted himself to his duties and built his state up into a powerful one.



        In the Spring and Autumn Period, in the State of Qi there was a man who always let his imagination run away with him. One day he even worried that the sky would fall on his head. He was so worried that he could neither eat nor sleep. Later, someone persuaded him that his fears were Ground-less.



        Once upon a time, the youngest daughter of Emperor Yan, legendary ruler of primitive China, went boating on the Eastern Sea. While she was enjoying herself, a strong wind rose on the sea and her boat capsized. Just before she was buried by the surging waves, her spirit turned into a beautiful bird. As it flew over the roaring sea, it cried sadly in the sound "jinwei, jingwei". That was why people called it "Jingwei".

        The bird lived on a mountain near the sea. It hated the sea so much that it decided to fill it up. Every day, it flew to and fro between the mountain and the sea, carrying in a twig or a pebble from the mountain and dropping it into the sea.

        One day, the roaring sea said to Jingwei, "Poor little bird, stop doing that meaningless thing! You'll never fill me up." Jingwei replied, "I'll fill you up no doubt! I will, even if it'll take me thousands of years! I'll fight on until doomsday!"

        The brave little bird kept carrying twigs and pebbles from the mountain to the Eastern Sea without taking a rest.

        From this fable comes the idiom "The bird Jingwei trying to fill the sea". We use it to describe people who are firm and indomitable and will not stop until they reach their goal.

        从前,炎帝(传说中中国原始社会的统治者)的小女儿在东海上划船。正当她划得高兴时,海面上突然升起一阵大风,把她的小船弄翻了。就在她要被汹涌的波浪吞 没时,她的灵魂变成了一只美丽的小鸟。它飞过那咆哮的海面,伤心的叫着"精卫,精卫"的声音。所以人们就叫她"精卫"。


        一天,咆哮的大海对精卫说:"可怜的小鸟,停止你那无谓的举动吧!你是永远都填不平我的。" 精卫回答说:"我当然会把你填平的!即使这需要千千万万年的时间,我也一定会斗争到底,直到你的末日来临!"






       平原君回到赵国后感慨地说:“毛先生一至楚,而使楚重于九鼎大吕The warring states, qin army surround the zhao4 guo2's nagara handan, the situation was very urgent, zhao monarch king appointed plain gentleman filial piety to go begging. To chu Plain going to lead 20 to finish the mission, and, MenKe already picked the nineteenth, still less a name shall not come down. At this time, MAO hence proposed to go, plain herassessment salt, reluctantly prince took him went to chu. Plain gentleman to chu immediately after the king talked with the assistance zhao ", talked about the along while also no results. At this time, for the king hair wait, said: "we come here today you send reinforcements, you say, you don't forget, chu although soldiers much bigger, but repeatedly defeats, even countries and lost, in my opinion, chu need more than zhao4 guo2's combined resistance to qin!" Hair wait goes speak oral needs, immediately promised king mullen aassistance zhao. Plain gentleman zhao4 guo2's back after regrets ground say: "hair sir, which enables one to chu chu heavier than the nine tripods big lu."

英语成语故事 要短一点的 四年级水平 不许抄别人的 包括百度里的


       Mr. Li is a good painter. One day he draws a beautiful dragon without eyes.

       Mr. Zhou looks at the picture and says, “The dragon has no eyes. It isn’t a good picture.”

       But Mr. Li smiles and says, “If I add eyes to the dragon, it will fly away.”

       Mr. Zhou shakes head and says, “You are boasting. I don’t believe you.”

       Mr. Li isn’t angry. He holds the paintbrush and adds eyes to the dragon. Woe! The dragon really flies.






       螳螂捕蝉,惊弓之鸟,毛遂自荐,东施效颦,亡羊补牢,掩耳盗铃,画蛇添足,后来居上,南辕北辙,唇亡齿寒,三顾茅庐,黔驴技穷,揠苗助长,滥竽充数,叶公好龙,画龙点睛,画蛇添足,买椟还珠,狐假虎威,走马观花,过河拆桥,愚公移山,害群之马,负荆请罪画蛇添足 掩耳盗铃 亡羊补牢 买椟还珠 守株待兔